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How to Fix Print Screen Not Working on Windows 10

Just click “File” then “Save” to name your recording and select where you want to store it. If the system built-in screen capturing tool fail to meet your requirement, you may want a professional screen capturing software. No matter you want to record screen on your Windows PC or your Mac, you can find the step-by-step guide in this post.

oficial site

  • You can also open the app and click the New button in the upper left area to start taking a screenshot.
  • Screenshots with other software, programs, or games.
  • Ryan has had a passion for gaming and technology since early childhood.
  • Just search for the Xbox in the search menu of start window to enable the settings.

Students have the flexibility to pause, rewind, and skip sections to learn at their pace. Here is our 2020 list of the top 10 video screen capture software. Not surprisingly, AMD also has a built-in screen capture feature on their newer graphics cards called Radeon ReLive.

⚡ Which factors should you consider while selecting the best screen capture tool?

Anything older will not work (please, if possible, buy a new system if you’re using Window XP or Vista). If you’re using Windows 7, write down the activation key . A free tool like NirSoft’s ProduKey will help you find it. Features being pushed back in an update are forgivable.

The Snip & Sketch window automatically comes into view after 10 seconds and grabs the screen. There are many kinds of malware that depend on screenshots to steal your passwords and files. As a result, Winlogon has an internal mechanism to block such tools from getting access to your login screen.

Once the recording is stopped, use Ctrl + F9 to resume. The good thing about this app is that it can support a very large number of resolution formats along with fast capture. These include Android devices , iPhone versions up to iPhone X, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo 3DS and more.

Debut Video Capture for Free Screen Recording

You’ll also find rounded corners everywhere you look and a new centrally positioned Start Menu, although you can return the latter to the side if you’d prefer. If you’re ready to upgrade, you can kick things off by clicking the big Download And Install button. Before you do that, though, consider what can go wrong. This update is coming later in the year, and it will have changes for the Taskbar, Task Manager, File Explorer, and more.

Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. Softonic may receive a referral fee if you click or buy any of the products featured here. At last, you can click the red Rec button to begin the recording process. Bianca Willis started her copywriting career since 2014. As a tech editor with over 6 years writing experience, she has worked out hundreds of posts on multi-media solutions , hot gadgets and troubleshooting tips.

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Fix: Windows 10 Not Saving Screenshots To Screenshots Folder

Now that you know how to turn off Windows 10 S Mode, check out our list of the best Windows 10 apps for your computer to find out what to download. According to a report, not only Windows 10 users read more will get the update of Windows 11 but also those with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 will be beneficial. The report further states, if the Microsoft made these changes, then the number of users of its new Windows can see a tremendous increase.

  • When it is done, you will have a USB Flash drive that can boot to install windows.
  • This method is almost the same as the previous procedure.
  • “Anecdotally, all of the eligible PCs I’ve seen already got an opportunity to upgrade. So, even if less than half of the eligible PCs took the upgrade, it would bring the install base pretty close to our number.”
  • Doing so will both select Safe Mode as your restart option and continue the start-up process.

Fortunately, there is a myriad of ways to achieve the same result. Get ultimate protection with System Mechanic® Ultimate Defense™—secure password management, anonymous browsing, malware blocking, and so much more—all in one easy-to-use software suite. Find out today by downloading the trial version of System Mechanic® (includes a free version of password management tool, ByePass™). Our suite of tools can help speed up a computer, cutting down on future problems, enhancing safety, and making the overall user experience better.

When your PC starts up, you’ll see a light blue screen with the Startup Settings menu. You can now choose an option using your keyboard . To start up in Safe Mode with networking, press 5 or F5. To start up in Safe Mode with the Command Prompt, press 6 or F6. If you change your mind and decide you don’t want to boot into Safe Mode after all, hit Enter to boot normally.

How to link Android or iOS device to Windows 10?

Open Privacy in Settings and allow telemetry of all kinds. There might be some privacy settings that are blocking diagnostic data. Please let me know, if I ran in some issue then I can roll back to windows 10. Hey, in the leaked build , i am only able to join release preview channel. There may be one more update to perform, probably .51 build. Now, switch to the “Windows Update” menu and click on “Check for updates”.

There’s no 32-bit build of Windows 11 available, so only computers with 64-bit processors will be able to run Windows 11. I am assuming you already have the Windows 11 ISO file with you, so what you need now is a Windows 10 bootable USB drive. Plugin a USB drive of at least 8GB in your PC and then launch the Rufus app. In the Device section, the attached USB will automatically be selected.

How to Start Windows in Safe Mode

You can run it on-demand using the Clean Now button, have it run automatically when your storage gets low, or set it to run on a schedule. Major interface changes arrived in Windows 11, released on October 5, 2021. The newer version of Windows features a redesigned taskbar, Start menu, and notification center along with Teams integration, rounded window corners, and a Widgets feature. PC hardware is nice, but it’s not much use without innovative software. I’ve been reviewing software for PCMag since 2008, and I still get a kick of seeing what’s new in video and photo editing software, and how operating systems change over time.

Upgrading to Windows 11: Should you do it?

Select option5from the list or pressF5for Safe Mode with Networking. Once you have chosen your option, click theOKbutton and restart your machine. Your PC will be rebooted into Safe Mode automatically. If you can log into Windows 10, you can use 1, 2, 3 and 4 methods.

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How to Perform Windows Registry Repair on Windows 10

Its good that the Registry backup process was covered, future articles will talk about cool networking and security tweaks and we need a way to get back to normal. Our next articles in this area will cover TCP/IP tweaks via the Registry – stay tuned. Utility to change multiple file associations at once. Both of these methods automatically write the changes to the Windows registry without you needing to open the Registry Editor.

  • You can get much more information by clicking the Details tab.
  • reserves the right to make additions, deletions, or modifications to the contents of the Service at any time without prior notice.
  • Click the toggle button under Real-time safety to flip off Windows Defender Antivirus briefly.
  • If you’ve added files to the backup, you may need to force a backup after the restart, depending on the last time that your computer was restarted.

When extracting SCCM data in large environments, this memory limitation might be exceeded. This error might occur during the extraction of a large number of devices. The recommended solution is to increase the WMI quota on the SCCM server; increasing the MemoryPerHost WMI setting to at least 1GB should resolve this issue. Marginally increasing the memory allocated to the virtual machine running SCCM is advisable to accommodate this change. If you cannot update the Windows Update settings menu UI, then check the registry to view all the configured update values.

How to read events in Event Viewer

Security software continuously runs in the background, scanning for malware and other suspicious activities. Not all solutions are equal; some can consume significantly more computer resources to do their job and cause a frustrating slowdown of your computer’s responsiveness. Choosing the best security software and ensuring it has the correct configurations can significantly impact computer performance.

You will also be prompted once before you delete the registry entries for good. Now look for keys that represent applications already uninstalled, then right-click them and selectDelete. Depending on the number of entries in the registry, this can take some time. Once it’s done, you can start using the following methods to clean up the registry. If your system has undergone some changes (OS-wise due to updates or software installation) which you might not be aware of, you might encounter this error download here.


Signs that your hard drive is failing include erratic or slow performance, lost data, failed read/write operations, clicking, and whirring noises, and random crashes. The sooner you diagnose and fix or replace your hard drive, the better; otherwise, you might find yourself with a malfunctioning hard drive and no way to get your data off of it. Instead of struggling to run CHKDSK on startup, you can use third-party free disk check tool like MiniTool Partition Wizard to easily check and fix disk errors. How lengthy does Repairing disk errors take in Windows 10? It usually takes 10-Quarter-hour relying on the Disk measurement and state. Either way, you need to fix the problem before you can use your laptop.

Avast Cleanup is a powerful suite of optimization tools. Download it today to get our registry cleaner along with loads of other cleaning features that will make your PC run just like new. It analyzes more than a dozen of different areas in your registry,and can identify up to 18 types of errors. It can also thoroughly scans the Windows registry for errors, invalid entries, Regedit optimization, etc. Windows 10 includes a registry cleaner that can be accessed through the Start menu. To use the registry cleaner, first open the Start menu and click on the “Settings” button.

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How to Change Account Type on Windows 11 Geek Rewind

Your PC is now ready to install Windows 11 even if it doesn’t meet the minimum requirements. No operating system or software is designed to last forever, and Windows 8.1 is no exception. Microsoft has decided to end support for Windows 8.1 on January 10, 2023, after which the operating system will no longer receive security or maintenance updates.

Regarding saving, you need to save each screenshot manually while using the Snipping Tool. We have to mention that some laptops might use a slightly different shortcut, so be sure to check your laptop’s instruction manual for details. Is relatively simple, and today we’re going to show you where your screenshots go on Windows 10. Time-saving software and hardware expertise that helps 200M users yearly. Guiding you with how-to advice, news and tips to upgrade your tech life.

There’s never been a better time to purchase a new PC

Note for Windows 7, you need to use the later updated version shown in the bottom of the page. Now just add a shortcut to that executable to your Startup folder . If everything goes fine, you should see a screenshot on your desktop. Now to make PrintScreen to execute that command. No portable app that does nothing Download Now more than take a screenshot should require an internet connection to function.

  • Select the product language, click Confirm, and then click the Download button to get the ISO file.
  • To enable certificate login, follow the same procedure of generating a key pair sans deploying the public key to the SSH server.
  • Enjoy the highly protected interaction with any version control system – clone and update your projects, hosted at Jelastic PaaS, directly from your private GIT repositories via SSH.
  • The first, and possibly the easiest method to get the Windows 11 free upgrade on your PC is by simply checking whether Microsoft has rolled it out for your computer.

If the prompt states “the machine is permanently activated”, it activated successfully. If you have a device running Windows 7, 8.1, or 10, you will likely be able to upgrade and activate Windows 11 for free. You can also find all activation-related events in the Event Viewer application log under the provider name Microsoft-Windows-Security-SPP. The Software Licensing Service reported that the product could not be activated.

Simple Ways to Activate Windows 11

S mode is only supported for the Home edition of Windows 11. The compatibility list includes the Intel Core i7-7820HQ, a seventh-generation processor used by the Surface Studio 2, although only on devices that shipped with DCH-based drivers. Citing security considerations, the system requirements for Windows 11 were increased over Windows 10. While the OS can be installed on unsupported processors, Microsoft does not guarantee the availability of updates. Windows 11 removed support for 32-bit x86 CPUs and devices which use BIOS firmware.

How to Install MySQL 8.0 in Ubuntu 18.04 MySQL is an open-source relational database server tool for Linux operating systems. PIP for Python is a utility to manage PyPI package installations from the command line. Restarting a Windows server is very simple, especially via the GUI. In the field, type cmd.exe– then check the box to create the task with administrator privileges.

Drivers will be available by using windows update. Tech Advisor helps you find your tech sweet spot. We steer you to products you’ll love and show you how to get the most out of them.

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Solved How to fix the Snipping tool not working on Windows?

It’s easier to use than other screen recording software I’ve used. It’s ready to go after installation and has easy-to-understand options. Screen recording, also known as screen capture, more tips here refers to recording anything that’s happening on your screen. For example, learning professionals can demonstrate to their employees how to use the software they need to perform their job.

For smaller windows like basement windows, anything over 50 UI is usually more expensive. More complicated installations will increase labor costs. These additional window treatments can cost a lot upfront, but they can save you energy costs in the long run. Replacing windows in your home isn’t a project for the faint of heart, and even more daunting if you have a two-story home.

Feldco Window Prices

The software version is available for Windows 10, Chromebooks, Mac, iOS, and Android. In addition, you don’t always need to have a computer or have a permanent station for your engagements. You can collaborate on the go since the software is available on both Android and iOS. Microsoft is planning to use a familiar interaction experience that looks like other Windows apps, such as Snip and Sketch, Xbox Game Bar, Photos, and more. There is no paid version of iSpring Free Cam, software is absolutely free. How-To How to Find Your Windows 11 Product Key If you need to transfer your Windows 11 product key or just need it to do a clean install of the OS,…

These actions are like sabotage but the word “sabotage” is too strong for them. This is another proof that a DRM-encumbered product doesn’t belong to the person who bought it. Microsoft said it will refund customers, but this is no excuse for selling them restricted books. Digital restrictions management, or “DRM,” refers to functionalities designed to restrict what users can do with the data in their computers.

  • Beyond the basic capture, there are some other settings.
  • Once installed, it will automatically override the regular PrtScn key command on your PC.
  • The typical cost to install replacement windows is $403 to $631 per window which includes professional labor.
  • Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest operating system largely for desktops and laptops.

Most end users have upgraded to Windows 10 already over the years, but if you haven’t, you’ve got a few legal options. Any valid legal copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8 that you’ve previously purchased can still be upgraded to Windows 10. You can visit this Microsoft page to download Windows 10 on any machine with a legal copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8. Choose to upgrade the PC, and Microsoft will handle the license update for you, no problem. The most important thing to remember is that the Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade could wipe your settings and apps.

Additional Factors

You are able to record any online music, radio, audio call and other kinds of audios from system audio or microphone depends on your needs. The Settings button enables you to adjust many settings as you like and do other stuff as well. Follow these quick steps to enable video capturing on Windows 10.

How to take a screenshot of your entire screen (on Windows 7, 8, and

Bug Fix App crashes at the end of the video recording. Adding a prompt message to prevent users from deleting videos by mistake. Improvement Multi-thread CPU encoding helping you to make a smoother video recording.

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windows 7 Scan this USB for errors constant popup

You can also disable hiding and make the app visible again in uninstall lists. It also supports disabling it on the Programs and Features page by checking the box above the list of programs. Uninstalling Docker Desktop destroys Docker containers, images, volumes, and other Docker related data local to the machine, and removes the files generated by the application. Refer to the back up and restore datasection to learn how to preserve important data before uninstalling.

You can go to your scanner’s manufacturer’s website to download the latest Windows 10 driver. For some models, manufacturer might not release Windows 10 driver. In this case, try the driver for Windows 7 or Windows 8, which is always compatible with Windows 10.

Run System File Checker in Windows 10, 7, and Vista

I tried all troubleshooting option but I couldn’t resolve the issue. If the system administrator blocks windows group policy editor access, you can’t enable registry editor using this method. And group and policy editor is always unavailable at home editions of windows. Once you’ve got opened the window of the command prompt, you may see SLMGR -REARMin the prompt box. It should happen that this command sometimes might notadd Windows 7 version. Just as with any registry in real life, the Windows registry is susceptible to becoming cluttered if not maintained.

  • But before proceeding make sure that all system hardware is working fine.
  • If you’re having trouble with a specific file, try changing the file format or using file repair software.
  • You’ll save yourself a headache if you keep one thing in mind about enabling Secure Boot.
  • Need for in-home service is determined by HP support representative.

Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart problems is very commonly seen in many computers. This Disk writes error, virus attacks, and power outages are the primary few causes of the invalid MBR configuration. Yup, apparently it was a ‘dead’ sata cable (detected the drive but couldn’t read from it).

How long should scanning and repairing the drive take?

Thankfully, for those being affected by the issue, Microsoft has confirmed that this is a known issue and that the company is actively investigating the matter and working on a fix. Hopefully, Microsoft will be able to address server-side issues with Windows Update which is resulting in false Windows 11 errors. Welcome to Online Tech Tips – A blog that provide readers with daily computer tutorials, technology news, software reviews, and personal computing tips. We have thousands of articles and guides to help you get the most out of technology. Our articles have been read over 275 million times since we launched in 2007. It also lists compatibility with different types of programs and video resolutions.

Financially, this experiment didn’t cost much, but as far as time and frustration is concerned this is a very expensive little drive. Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed and once your system is restored to a previous point in time, check if the error is resolved. There is a chance that you are facing a drive error because of a faulty update or a corrupt app. In this method, we will try to revert your system to a state where the error at hand was not present. If you do not have third-party antivirus software, you can consider checking our guide on ways to scan for viruses without buying antivirus software. If any problems are found on the disks, CHKDSK will fix them without needing a lot of user involvement.

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How to enable Bluetooth in Windows 7 8 1 10 11 ideapad

Another way to modify account type on Windows is by using the User Accounts utility. Select the account you want to grant administrative rights. Under the User Accounts section, click Change account type. Select “Add, edit or remove other users” from the Start menu. Once you complete the steps, restart your computer to start using the account with the new privilege level.

Microsoft Windows 11 will still support users’ favorite PC gaming accessories and peripherals. To download the Windows 11 ISO file, navigate to the Windows Insider Preview Downloads page and sign in with your account. Just keep in mind that to get Windows 11, you’ll need to meet the system requirements. If you don’t, there are ways you can tweak your installation to get it working, but doing so can mean your PC won’t get updates from Microsoft.

How to connect bose truly wireless soundsport headphones to laptop?

Regardless of which version you are using, the feature will enable you to record around 30 seconds of whatever activity just took place on your screen. This is a great way to record boss kills or extraordinary takedowns while playing a competitive game. What’s more, you can also change the recording duration to your liking. You’ll never miss anything interesting ever again. If a screen shot’s worth a thousand words, a video of the screen in action must be worth a thousand and one at least, right? Luckily, any problems you face in Windows 10 can be recorded.

If the connection doesn’t work for you through this option, don’t worry, there is a solution for everything. Detail Try to open the Control Panel and access Hardware and sound and later Devices and printer to start. After this, you just have to follow the instructions to pair your device and that’s it. From the text details you can see that it allows to add different Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth Mouse, Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetooth speakers etc.

They’re said to arrive soon, but until then Widgets doesn’t get a spot on the list of good Windows 11 features. Windows 11 promises some performance improvements over Windows 10. We have the promise of improved memory and power management. Tab suspension works well in comparison to other Chromium-based browsers.

  • ITop Screen Recorder enables you to capture screen with no time limit.
  • Now to save battery on your PC, you might want to disable Bluetooth communication on Windows 10.
  • First up, let’s ensure that you can boot from your USB.

You might see if disabling your Bluetooth device in Device Manager will turn it off. Doing this turned it off for me, and also removed the Bluetooth option from Settings. My Bluetooth is always on, no matter what I try…..and its turned off in services. Nothing I do can turn it off in the action menu. Press the Win + X keys to open the Quick Link menu, and click/tap on Device Manager (devmgmt.msc). Click/tap on Airplane mode on the left side, and turn on or off Bluetooth on the right side.

Music, TV, and podcasts take center stage.

Once you install the meeting recorder for BlueJeans, you need to run it on your personal computer. The next thing you have to do is choose a video recorder. Open your BlueJeans app or from your browser. The first thing you have to do is go to Settings, then gaming, and then choose the game bar.

If you are running this software on a multi-monitor system, you can either record screens across multiple monitors or limit capturing to a single monitor. You can also make use of scheduled recordings to start and stop recording at scheduled times or when a specified application is launched. OBS Studio is a very feature-rich screen recording software for Windows 10. You can use it for video recording and live streaming without any watermark, ads, or time limit. There are a number of pretty awesome screen capture applications available. My favorite, and the one I always go back to, is from TechSmith and is called Snagit.

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Windows 11 features, pricing and everything you need to know

Microsoft account required for free 5 GB storage; Additional storage available separately at an additional cost or with a Microsoft 365 subscription. Access the apps you need, stay organized, and easily navigate with tools like Snap layouts and multiple desktops. A new Windows experience, bringing you closer to the people and things you love. Windows 11 will land as a free upgrade for Windows 10 users at some point in the Fall.

  • You might do this if you’re switching editions of Windows 10.
  • Users have discovered a simple notepad trick that removes the text from your screen without illegally activating the system.
  • If you don’t click either of the two options, the orientation will be reverted to the previous one in 15 seconds.

You’ll notice a double-sided arrow instead of your normal cursor. You can do the same for the sides of your window. To get a window to take up a quarter of your display, first press Windows + Left/Right Arrow key, this will make the window take up half of your screen. Next press Windows + Up/Down Arrow key and it will automatically snap to fill just a quarter. Alternatively, you can repeat the process outlined above by selecting whichever window you desire to fill the second half of the screen then press Windows + Left/Right Arrow. Which Arrow key you press should be the opposite one you pressed during the previous step, so if you pressed the Left Arrow key before this time press the Right Arrow key.

How to Organize Your Desktop With Windows 10 Snap Assist

On August 31, 2021, Microsoft announced that Windows 11 was to be released on October 5, 2021. The release would be phased, with newer eligible devices to be offered the upgrade first. Really, that was just the date that OEMs can begin to release Windows 11 hardware. The blog post stated that ‘in-market devices’ which are eligible for the upgrade will be offered it later as part of a phased and measured approach. Some of these new trends appear to be permanent, so the company decided it was time for a fresh start.

While Windows 10 allows clients to customize and configure a host of settings, you won’t be able to do much in personalization when using an unactivated OS. Windows 10 is undoubtedly Microsoft’s best OS yet. Microsoft tends to release automatic updates to improve the OS to keep the powerhouse OS running as expected. However, when using an unactivated copy of Windows 10, you won’t receive all of these critical updates, meaning you might miss out on the latest security updates. Users with a licensed copy of Windows 10 are usually eligible for security updates that help prevent malware, viruses, and a host of other cyber threats from attacking their respective systems.


Now in the Processes tab, right-click on Windows Explorer and click on the End task option. Log in to your Forscope account, then click Change password in the right upper part of the Overview page. It will lead you to a page where you can set a new password. Here select the location where you want to save the file. If the Product Key Channel says GVLK, it’s an indication that your system has been activated via mass licensing. In that case, you need to connect to the network and activate your system.

Can’t boot or install Windows 10/8/7 from USB drive?

This method involved the use of your command prompt . In this guide, I am going to show you how to activate windows 10 for free permanently in 2022. Remember that this store gives you a 30-day guarantee for all the licenses you buy, so if you find any problems in the process, do not hesitate to contact them and they will be happy to help you. Sarah is a freelance writer and CNET How To blogger. Her main focus is Windows, but she also covers everything from mobile tech to video games to DIY hardware projects. She likes to press buttons and see what happens, so don’t let her near any control panels.

Choose a Layout in Windows 11

You can click the folder to open it, give it any name you like, and drag additional icons onto it to add it to the folder. The File Explorer is finally getting tabs, years after Microsoft killed off the Sets feature that would have added them to Windows 10. This feature isn’t live for everyone using the Release Preview yet, so it’s unclear whether or not it will actually be part of the final version of the 22H2 update.

One of the age-old features that trickled down to smartphones is screen rotation. It is an in-built feature for Windows 10 and is helpful on many levels. If you’re working on projects and wish to look at the screen in a vertical format, the feature to rotate the screen helps. You might need to flip the screen for presentation purposes. Moreover, the screen rotation feature is handy if you wish to watch a video at an angle different from the horizontal landscape.

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How to Uninstall Apps on Windows 11

Whatever the reason, Windows 11 allows you to turn off or on Bluetooth using various methods. If you’re having trouble accessing the settings or following multiple steps to enable Bluetooth without a mouse, Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana can make it easier for you. Right-click on any space and select “Scan for hardware changes”. Your computer will now scan all the hardware connected. After it comes across the Bluetooth hardware, it will automatically install the default drivers. Another workaround to solve this problem is to install the default drivers for the hardware.

  • There are the words Safe Mode at all four corners.
  • If you want to make snapping your windows in different screen parts even faster, you can use the keyboard shortcuts available.
  • Being unable to find Bluetooth is a common option, so checking this first could save you a lot of hassle.

Refer the screenshot below to learn how you need to execute the uninstallation command line in Windows PowerShell. STEP 4- A list of Windows apps installed on your computer will appear on your screen. There are plenty of Windows apps that refuse to get removed from the system. To remove pre-installed software from Windows 10, you need to take help of the PowerShell utility. The sixth way to uninstall Windows software is through Command Prompt.

Read more

Uninstall Apps on Windows 11: 5 Methods Explained (

If you have a mouse, place it in the top left corner, click and hold the app, and drag it into place on screen. A dividing line will appear in the center of the screen when both apps are in place. You can adjust this line to change the amount of space each app takes up.

So, it’s really important to completely uninstall Apps and remove all of their files. We’ve listed various methods to uninstall apps on Windows 11 below. You can choose your preferred approach as the end result will be the same. The Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage cmdlet removes app packages (.appx) from a Windows image.

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These tiny devices are straightforward to use and plug into a computer’s USB port. There are several ways to go to Windows Settings. You can type settings in the search bar and click the Settings app, or just hit Win+I. Here, click Devices and then click Bluetooth & other devices. Now, turn on the Bluetooth switch to activate it. Select your device discovered by your PC and then click Connect to make the pairing.

Windows 10 Safe Mode is designed to help users to troubleshoot most problems within the OS of Windows 10 PC. It is also widely used to remove malware or ransomware in computer. Located the physical power button on your device, and hold it down for a period of 10 seconds. Hit the Restart Now button which is located under the Advanced start-up header.

Well, our list of top uninstaller programs for Windows 10 would be incomplete without mentioning CCleaner. A pioneer in PC Cleaning & Optimization utilities features tons of features to remove Windows apps, manage startup items, remove duplicates, manage context menus & more. Once you have deleted all the files and folders that show up in the search, you can proceed to manually check the locations listed below.

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